for fujara, seljefløyte, double-bass, harmonium, field recording and bells
In collaboration with Adrian Myhr

Noc                                                 02:26
Ej, Nožičky ma bolia                   03:27
Krusning                                        03:00
Smutná Breza                               05:17
En liten halling                              01:27
Solbakken                                      01:56
Zvony                                              02:31
Morning stars faded                   01:56
Kivlemøyane                                 04:28
Daily ritual                                     01:46
Ekko                                                04:27
V záhrade, po poli, po horách   05:36

All compositions by Adrian Myhr and Michaela Antalová except folk melodies on Ej, Nožičky ma bolia and Kivlemøyane. Arrangement on Kivlemøyane inspired by arrangement of Eivind Groven.

These 12 compositions and arrangements combine contemporary music, folk melodies and embrace the interplay of frequencies and sonority of the instruments used. Michaela Antalová plays a bass flute called fujara, a melancholic bass flute that comes from Slovak folk music that finely blends with the double bass’ frequencies played by Adrian Myhr. Norwegian overtone flute seljefløyte is very similar to a Slovak overtone flute called koncovka. This makes it possible to compose new music that reminds of both traditions. For this release, the duo introduced additional elements, including harmonium, multi-track recordings of flute and double bass, and field recordings of crickets from the village of Zlatno as well as recording of a male choir from Šumiac performing a traditional four-part harmony song.

Recorded at Maridalsveien 3 in Oslo, Norway by Adrian Myhr and Michaela Antalová in autumn 2020
Mixed by Christian Obermayer in January-March 2021
Mastered at Strype Audio by Christian Obermayer in March-April 2021
Cover photo by Julie Hrnčířová
Cover design by Jakub Horský

Recording of choir on track 3 recorded at Municipal Office in Šumiac, Slovakia by Tomáš Brunovský on 12th January 2014. Singers: Šimon Margeta, Juraj Margeta, Juraj Károly, Šimon Károly and Jozef Fujka.
Field recording on track 12 recorded in Zlatno, Slovakia by Lucie Páchová in August 2020.

Released September 15, 2021 on Hevhetia.
CD/LP can be purchased directly from me (write me an e-mail) or from Hevhetia here!