Mikoo bridges the gap between popular music and experimental sounds. With one foot in indie and the other in improvisational music, the band explores the realms of both compelling melodies and intriguing new tones—experimental music that remains accessible.

Over the past two years, Mikoo has been working on the follow-up album, “Will We Always Be Chased”. With this release, Mikoo have shifted more towards contemplative indie and alternative pop. The album oscillates between quite radio-friendly tracks and moments of ambient music.

To be released in autumn 2024.

Photo: Rakel Emilie Emhjellen Paulsen

Ina Sagstuen on vocals, Fredrik Rasten on acoustic guitar, Vojtech Procházka on piano/synth, and Michaela Antalová on drums.

Our debut album, Dear, released in 2020 on Jazzland Recordings, carried hints of jazz with a touch of minimalism. Check out the album here!